Tuesday, 11 May 2010

tea and polaroids

the second tea party was a lovely, lovely time had by all. i must say the chance to meet new and interesting women is so invigorating, i am really enjoying the experience of putting these tea parties together. so thank you to all the ladies who attended for their sparkling conversation, wit and ability to put away the scones!

i am currently in the throes of a love affair with the polaroid filter programme meg
blogged about ... so all the pics of saturdays loveliness have been poladroid-ed

*this trio is my secret favourite - it's pink in the inside of the cup and is called 'Louise' - magic!

*delicious savory treats - red onion and cheese tarts

* the sandy-man insists on fresh flowers for every tea party - what a man!

*brand new paper bunting

*the final table

although, sadly, anna couldn't make it - we are hoping she can join us next time....

...which will be on the 22nd of May at 2pm.

the menu will be up in the next few days, as usual email through to then15teaparty@gmail.com to book.



  1. Oh gosh, I am so upset I couldn't make it. I am even more upset that I can't make it on the 22nd!

    Next time please!

  2. That's too bad! I'll email you when I set the date for the next one and let you know :)

  3. Looks so good!! I'm seriously jealous of all those who can be there. Anyone feel like donating an airfare from New Zealand for 22nd?!