Monday, 3 May 2010

of wild weather, jam drops and wedding songs

london has reverted to mad wintery weather this bank holiday weekend and after cycling home from stoke newington through a hail shower and into buffeting head winds (that induced a vigourous sneezing fit that almost drove me into a parked car) i have retreated to the flat with heating on and the 'away we go' soundtrack playing.

the sandy-man and i watched the movie last night and it was so wonderful and funny and heart-warming (and heart-breaking). the couple really reminded us of his sister and boyfriend who are currently with child and i imagine going through similar questions of life and their place in it as they prepare to meet their first child.

as i enjoy the soundtrack i am thinking that george harrisons 'what is life' will be a great addition to the wedding playlist. does anyone have any other great, fun, non Shania Twain suggestions?

also, back to the initial blog purpose, i have been experimenting with jam drops for the tea party on the 8th. they are super easy to make and crazy delicious with a big cup of tea. here is the original recipe for all you bakers out there.



  1. Gosh the weather has been rather hideous and I am afraid my musical tastes may not meet your approval!

  2. no, no - i promise i'm not a music snob! we're just not slow dance kind of people.