Monday, 26 April 2010

the 8th of may - the menu

hello all,

here's the menu for the next tea party on the 8th of may!

• bottomless pots of earl grey and english breakfast tea (a selection of herbal teas are available too)

• a complimentary glass of pink fizz

• scones with whipped cream (i know, i know not clotted cream, but i'm from the southern hemisphere and that's how we do scones!) and jam

• mini cheese and red onion tartlets

• upside down pear cake (yum!) and biscuits

we are doing the book swap again as it was a big hit last time so please bring along a book you have loved to swap with another n15 tea party guest and future friend!

as usual please email to book!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

the first one

••• as the 1st of may is on a bank holiday weekend, the date for the next n15 tea party is now Saturday the 8th of may •••

hi everyone. we had the first n15 tea party on saturday and as far as we can tell everyone had a great time and much tasty food was eaten! networking was even done, with two of our guests swapping phone numbers on napkins! we'd just like to thank all our lovely first time guests for taking a punt on a new supper club.

we are going to hold another tea party on may-day, saturday the 1st of may, ••• now being held on saturday the 8th of may ••• so email to book!
menu details soon...